My Fool-Proof Guacamole Recipe!


Happy Cinco De Mayo!

If your like me and live for Taco Tuesday, you also love guacamole! Everybody likes it differently, some like it super spicy and other people have the unfortunate genetic condition of thinking cilantro tastes like soap! (This is a real thing!) Over the years of living in CaliforniaI have experimented a lot recipes in making my own. I am blessed to have a bunch of avocado trees in my yard and I am anxiously awaiting their harvest. My sister-in-law who is from the south and loves spicy food named it ‘Christy-mole’ and requests it at every BBQ. WARNING: You will need to make a ton because a small bowl goes quickly! I hope you have a fun and festive weekend which most definitely includes tacos!

Because tacos = life!


6 Avocados

Half a large garlic bulb

Half a cilantro bunch

4 pinches of salt

4 Tomatoes

3/4 of an onion

1/2  lime

Directions: First, cut the avocados. After getting rid of the pit, I criss cut them so that when I scoop them out they

are all ready to be eaten in tasty squares. (This is not a creamy guac!). Next, chop your cilantro, but don’t

chop super fine. You still be able to see some leaf in the guac when its done. Cube your tomatoes,

and chop garlic and onions in a blender if you can. Keep the onions chunky, do not over blend/chop!

Mix the cilantro, tomatoes, garlic and onions together. Put in some salt (just enough to make that mixture tasty – do NOT over salt!). Squeeze that lime in there!

Last, mix that ‘pico de gallo’ (tomato mixture) with your cubed avocado. BOOM!

Tip: You can add red pepper flakes for spice lovers!


xo, Christy
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