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I am originally from New England and I grew up by the water with green trees and space to run and skin my knees as a kid. I have traveled a lot in my life and before having my daughter it became clear that my husband and I would have to find more space in preferably a less chaotic neighborhood than West Hollywood, CA. My in-laws live in Orange County, so it made sense for us to “come home” and set some roots down. We found our DREAM HOME! I adore our house, it’s a victorian that was originally built in 1888. I feel like I am back East so I get the best of both worlds. I never want to leave!

I was very excited to decorate my first home and instantly went to Wayfair for help online. They have amazing tools to help size up and design each of your rooms with the pieces you are thinking about. Oddly enough, the rooms look exactly like those sketches. Wayfair was a dream to work with and I have posted some photos here of our main rooms.



Our music room needed to have as many musical instruments and a cool library of records hanging on the wall. It’s an instant authentic art piece!



Side Tables | Front Bench | Headboard |Sheets| Sheepskin Rug




I love integrating all the random treasures I have collected along the way.

Brendan and me got these masks in Venice! And we picked up this 100 year old Antique mirror at  a flea market in Venice.


I’ll be taking more pictures of my house as we haven’t done several rooms yet!

Stay tuned for more decor reveals!

xo, Christy
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