Hot Tea + A Cool Head


Have we all emerged from our holiday turkey/cookie/egg nog slump only to be greeted by less than perfect weather and a serious urge to hygge? Being in the middle of my third trimester, I can attest that I am slump-ier than most of you. But when we all would go straight for the Starbucks line, I am opting to stay home and wake up with a home-brewed herbal tea.

More importantly, I am trying to take my New Year’s resolution of seeking out mindfulness seriously! This way, not only can I personally regulate my caffeine intake while being super pregnant. (Last thing I need is to be dehydrated and go into early labor which is more likely with your second pregnancy). But I can take time to sit for a moment and reflect on my day. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed using OXO’s adjustable temperature kettle. 

Depending on the type of tea leaf, I can adjust how hot I need my brew! Nobody wants burnt green tea! The best part is that the base stays hot for 30 minutes so I can still run around and get Izzy’s breakfast ready or have it ready for once she’s napping. Finally, it’s cordless which is super helpful! Like any true millennial, I hate anything with cords. How bout you? How are you greeting your New Years resolutions?

xo, Christy
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