How to: Achieve a Bold Daily Brow




Okay, so being a millennial mom I can honestly say I grew up in the age of thin eyebrows and lived to tell the tale. I love the full brow trend that has been popular for a couple years now. (Thank you Lily Collins!) It did take a lot of time to rehab my eyebrows but it was worth it. When I began the journey I got a great piece of advice which was simply, don’t touch them. I let them grow and had to be extra patient. I felt weird at first because it was such a different look but I can honestly say, I love them now. Throughout the process you will need a great go to brow product to even out any thinner patches. I LOVE this product! And make sure to have your all purpose eyelash wand. They come in boxes and really help keep the hair in place.

Directions: I push the pencil against each side of my nose and start my line just after it. Then take a 45 degree angle from the sides of my nose to find my arch. You can do the same to find what could be the end of the brow. Some days I’ll use the brow gel as well but mostly I just use the pencil.

Tip: Stimulating the hair with your eyelash wand by pushing them to either side really helps!

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xo, Christy
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