Keeping it Clean!

It has been a bit since I have posted as I have been in the hospital with our new baby Sophia! Since I have come home, I have found out that there are some hacks to managing your household when you have a newborn and a toddler. Honestly, keeping your house semi-clean is what will keep your sanity in tact over time – especially in the early days of postpartum when you can’t really leave the house!


One tip is to use products that multi-task. I have been lucky enough to have help this time around. I have had a birth team including family, a night nurse, and a sitter for Izzy during the day. So when you have people coming by and offering to help make you food or do the dishes that follow eating that food, I suggest they use Cascade pure Essentials. Reason #1 – There’s no need to pre-wash your dishes! Cascade Pure Essentials free of phosphates and chlorine bleach but chock-full of the power needed to get your dishes and silverware sparkling. I can even feel ok slipping Izzy’s bottles in there! Let’s be honest, there are some days, ok most days that i want too hug my dishwasher because I can trust that when I wake up I have one less thing to worry about! In the end, you don’t have to feel like you are living in filth and using a trusted product like Cascade really helps anybody who came by to be supportive and load your dishwasher up!

xo, Christy
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