Owning your pregnancy with New Chapter Prenatals

This pregnancy has been an ACTIVE one! So much so I have only gained 20 lbs versus the 60 lbs I gained during the first. Running after a toddler will keep you on the move so I have tried to make sure I amped up my self-care regimen the best I can to keep baby #2 healthy!

I had a SERIOUS problem with taking prenatals last pregnancy. I couldn’t keep them down! So when I was searching for “the one” this time around, I was happy to be introduced to New Chapter!New Chapter’s Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin is fermented to ensure you’re actually able to absorb all of the vital nutrients for you and your baby, and paired with nourishing herbs like ginger to ease morning sickness. I tend to get nauseous throughout my pregnancies so I was super grateful for this! They are also made with organic veggies and herbs so I know I’m getting the highest quality nutrients possible.

Finally, New Chapter’s multivitamins for moms are formulated for energy and mood support (which I have definitely needed this last emotional trimester). They are also gentle enough to take on an empty stomach, which can happen when you haven’t stopped to snack yet in the middle of your daily routine with your littles! I also started adding in Wholemega for Moms for an extra boost of DHA, which is super important for brain development!

If you are pregnant or looking to start a regimen of prenatal vitamins before conception, I totally suggest these! I can rest assured knowing that my baby isn’t lacking in anything she needs. 

xo, Christy
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