My Home: Nursery Reveal

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I am so excited to share pics from our whimsical nursery. Following a current trend, our palette is blush pink, grey and shades of white. I fell in love with this wallpaper from Jane Churchill called Thousand Acre Wood, which is a vintage-looking “penciled” map from Winnie the Pooh. The rest of the room is a lighthearted pink from Ralph Lauren called Trianon.

We had to be careful of what we hung on the walls, as our nursery is petite. I opted for unique pieces from Mrs. Mighetto and Etsy vendor TheGoldenArk. If you haven’t already checked out Etsy, I highly suggest you do. You really get a high-end product directly from the artisan, so it’s a win-win in my book. I also got our pink Moroccan pouf, our adorable felt bunny head and our cloud nightlight (which is reinforced) from the site.

Honestly, my second rec for any extras is IKEA. I bought the faux sheepskins and the spice-rack bookshelves from there. Pinterest gave me the idea to paint the front bar to coordinate with the nursery better. It was a low-key craft and it looks lovely, in my opinion!

We are still waiting to receive our SoftTiles flooring, which will ease my mind on having a more cushy floor. We also love the Lorena Canal “Baby” rug — it’s surprisingly soft and washable!

Lastly, our bedding set is from Lulla Smith, and it came in a classic blush shade without being too overpowering for the rest of the room. (Please keep in mind all bows, bears and blankets will be removed to safely parent my child — just taking advantage of having this room be clean for now.) We made sure we have an eco-friendly dual mattress from Colgate so we can flip it when she gets older.


Other picks that are more on the tech side, which my husband loved picking out and I loved receiving (A.K.A. they will save my life from worrying), are our GreenAir diffuser, Cloud b Sleep Sheep, Withings security monitor, Dyson air purifier, Owlet Care sock system, FeverFrida and Snoo.

Registering was also a breeze! But keep in mind you don’t have to use just one store. In fact, I had a blast working with GuguGuru on a holiday-themed nursery, as well as buybuyBABY, who helped answer my questions with an in-store consultation. Come to find out, in-store consultations are actually important for questions like, “Is my stroller base compatible with my infant seat?” buybuyBABY also helped me find the perfect glider for my space (we needed something smaller in diameter, but still comfortable).

The Bump is also great for linking all of your registries in one place so when your baby shower comes (or the holidays roll around), people know what you need.

After all that said and unwrapped, I believe you WILL be able to use the last few weeks of your pregnancy to enlist the help of family and loved ones to complete those last-minute tasks. Moms, please remind them that this is what family is for, right?!

xo, Christy
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