Simple Holiday Cookies with OXO


Are you as exhausted as I am right now? If not, I want to know your secret! Personally, I think my 3rd trimester is in full swing and my body is telling me to slow down! I have the overwhelming need to nest and cook! So being in the kitchen is becoming a welcome respite, as long as I perch on top of a high bar stool. How does a pregnant mama survive this holiday chaos and enjoy the little things like making hot cocoa or cookies? ENTER OXO kitchen tools!


I am going to be the first to admit that I can cook pretty well but am baking-challenged. Rolling dough? I never get it right. And who doesn’t get bored with the clunky cookie cutter shapes? This is why I was super excited to try the OXO Good Grips Cookie Press with Disk Storage Case!



The press was SUPER EASY to load up!




The shapes are so beautiful and consistent, people will think you are a pro baking goddess! The gun makes it easy to churn out as many cookies as you would need for gifts or a large party!



There’s hope for me after all guys! Which means you could definitely make some great holiday cookies this year with the help of OXO! (Shop HERE) I honestly suggest this tool for all your cookies baking needs!

xo, Christy
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