Sophia’s Birth Story

If you look at this photo you would never know what hell Brendan and I had been through only weeks before coming to the hospital…

A dying rat jumped out of nowhere in our old victorian we had leased 2 years before a month and a half before my due date. That’s the problem with old houses, we were told. There was no fixing that, said the pest expert. What’s more, rodents have an airborne virus called Hanta that makes adults extremely sick – so we had no choice but to look for another home. I was terrified but knew we had to move ASAP to protect both Izzy and Sophia. We luckily found our new home and immediately fell in love with it. The move, however, was extremely taxing on my body. We hired a team 4 men whom I would “direct” (or order around to be honest) in a chair. That was helpful except they couldn’t speak english. Language barriers aside, the rains in California kicked up (we’ve been having record rains this year) and so we did most of our moving during a 3 day storm. Needless to say, we were living out of boxes, but I still found my newborn clothes in the newly packed garage.

Now would be a good time to tell you that I am VERY type-A when it comes to big events in my life. I cling to structure during moments of change. I’m sure some of you can relate so keep this in mind reading ahead.

Now a couple weeks before my due date, I had to sit down with my husband and brief him on my feelings about baby #2. “I’m handing you my letter of resignation, this is my 2 week notice!”. I had been very active during this pregnancy, having filmed 3 movies, traveling out of the country with a toddler and hubby, a full load of interviews and press for the Kim Possible movie, and at 27 weeks preggers teetering down a red carpet in 6 inch heels! Not only was I slowing down, but soon I would be on my back in bed recovering for months to come and bonding with my new baby. I knew I wouldn’t have nearly as much time to be with our firstborn when Sophia came home and Brendan was game to step up.  Later that day I found out I was 4 cms dilated and we frantically packed the car before heading into LA for one last press event. Just in case I went into labor, we’d hightail it to hospital from the event!

I am happy to say that didn’t happen!

However, that week my toddler was given a stomach flu by her (then) nanny who had been traveling non-stop during my last month of pregnancy. I had hoped we would have had more reliable help but we found ourselves a bit on our own in those final moments. So much so, that I ended up taking Izzy to the emergency room at 4 am by myself!

The Zofran that was given to Izzy didn’t seem to work and she remained sick for 8 days. On day 6 of her being sick (which was beyond stressful as she is a very healthy little girl), I caught the flu  (somehow my husband was spared). I was exhausted, and couldn’t move very well at this point. The flu was violent for me and by that evening my contractions sped up and got painful. I knew it was time even though I was staring at boxes and a cesspool of germs that I’d be bringing a newborn back home to. I. WAS. NOT. READY. Remember when I said I was type-A? This was my nightmare. I will never forget sobbing as I was inching down the stairs at 5am because I couldn’t really say good-bye to my daughter the way I dreamed I would in my head. I even made her a big sister gift, but she would be too sick to even step foot in the labor and delivery ward.


I decided to take this picture when we got to the hospital and my husband was wheeling me to L & D. I was a wreck…

I am happy to say that the worst was over and the tide changed.

There was no traffic because we left in the middle of the night. We also got a gorgeous room that overlooked the ocean at Hoag Hospital. The sun rose to illuminate a gorgeous horizon before my labor actively started and I took a deep breath. That’s when I realized my stomach flu was gone! Something inside me decided that everything was going to be alright and that I should be grateful and present. My labor was actually somewhat enjoyable because I had great nurses and staff. Family stepped up and helped us out with watching Izzy and taking our baby clothes to the cleaners. We found an amazing handyman to help with some of the more important installs so the house would be more livable when we came home. Most importantly….

I gave birth to Sophia Elizabeth Rooney. She is such an angel! And no matter what happened leading up to her birth, I could not be happier with the experience! Becoming a mother a first time is an amazing experience so why should having a second baby be any different? I encourage any of you having a hard time to keep your head up. In the end, keeping an optimistic perspective will help you get through this temporary hump.

We had our photographer come and shoot some hospital pics two days postpartum. I am so excited to share them with you!

xo, Christy

4 thoughts on “Sophia’s Birth Story

  1. Let me start out buy saying my name is Cassie I am a mother of 2 a boy and a girl…..Oh my goodness I cried reading the journey you all have went through while also melting my heart thinking about the wonderful outcome of all of it at such an already amazing yet also trying journey with pregnancy in itself. They always say before the rainbow comes a storm you went through the storm but at the end was a beautiful delivery of gorgeous baby Sofia!!…..I am glad everything turned out great you your family everything we as parents do we do it for our children! You both are amazing for getting all of that done in the very little amount of time that yiu both had with crazy busy lives already! Congratulations to you all on the new pest free home and beautiful baby Sofia she looks like an absolute angel, and congratulations to Izzy on being a big sister I bet she loves to help! I can not wait to see you at a comic con again and talk mother to mother.

    1. Wow Cassandra! Thanks for taking the time to write this amazing comment. Thanks for the support and hope to see you soon! xo Christy

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