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If you haven’t noticed – I haven’t posted in a while. That is because I have been non-stop filming in Vancouver, Florida, and here in California! Now I feel so blessed to have the work, but gosh it becomes a lot harder to post on the go! But now summer is almost over! But not before one more party, am I right? Labor Day!!! It’s like a second 4th of July! So I decided to post the pics from our party and share my tips on making a gathering that is sure to be enjoyable for family and friends of all ages.



Living in Southern California, we are super lucky to have amazing options for taco trucks. This type of cuisine instantly communicates that it is summer to everyone! You can always have burgers and hot dogs, but getting a taco vendor just seems more fun! Who doesn’t like tacos??!



Make sure your activities have things that other parties don’t offer to set yours apart. We rented a “Stars + Stripes” movie night package from Joymode and it was fantastic! This package was completely affordable and it came with EVERYTHING you need to make a memorable summer evening. Popcorn machine? Check! Candy? Check! Globe lights? Check! Warm blankets? Check! I love this company and would definitely recommend them for the next event you are trying to take to the next level!



Every now and then looking at Pinterest for inspiration really pays off! See above where I totally stole this idea and it worked well! Blueberries and watermelon star cutouts. They went fast too!



¬†With the temperatures being what they are these days, I always make sure to include some kind of water element to my summer parties. There are so many cute options these days that you don’t have to stick with just the typical kiddie pool!



Most importantly, stay cool, eat tacos and always remember to have fun! Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!


xo, Christy
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8 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’!

  1. Summer is okay, I guess. But spring is definitely the best of the four seasons to me!! Not only do the birthdays of both my sister and I occur in the spring, but the school year is almost over, the daylight hours get longer as the season progresses, the weather is not too hot or too cold or too snowy or too windy. Also, the best holidays occur in the spring, like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Finally, in my opinion, the bushes, flowers, plants and trees look their prettiest in the spring, looking all green, pink, white and yellow!! And let’s not forget one of the best sports of all time … baseball!! I LIVE FOR SPRING, ALL SPRING, AND NOTHING BUT THE SPRING (figuratively and literally)!!

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