Travel Guide: Las Vegas (in 24hrs)


12 PM – Check in to our hotel, the Mandarin Oriental, right off the strip. This is the ONLY place to stay if you want to get away from the sights, sounds, and smells of Vegas. The hotel is gorgeous (I’ve stayed at the one in NYC and it’s view of Central Park is also to die for) and their rooms are feng shui’d to the max.



1:40 PM – Check out the Neon Museum in the arts district. It’s off the beaten path and such a living history of Vegas folklore. The tickets sell out fast – but they just opened a light show at night and the tickets are very available for that!



2 PM – Lunch at Black Tap (in The Venetian). Their food is super yummy (burgers and fries), but what you really go for is the fun music, and sun drenched patio that overlooks the gondola drivers while you eat your ‘Crazy Shake’! Ciao, sweetness!



 After a long relaxing soak in Mandarin’s tub, we got gussied up and headed to:

6:30 PM –  Dinner at MB Steak. This place is the most amazing steakhouse I have ever been to! The service is impeccable and I’m salivating just thinking about the Parmesean crusted filet I shared with Brendan.



9:30 PM – Tickets to see ‘O’ Cirque De Soleil. I got major wifey points on this one as I BLEW BRENDAN’S MIND with this show. He has never been to a Cirque show before and if you haven’t got yet (or if you have but haven’t seen this one) – you must attend ‘O’! The sheer genius of these performers and ability to manage that much responsibility day in and day out and make it look easy is a feat of live performance needing to be witnessed.


11PM on – What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas! (Just kidding we were tired so we watched ‘Jumanji’ in our big comfy hotel bed)



10:30 AM – Breakfast at MOzen Bistro in Mandarin Oriental. This place is no frills but super tasty and has an amazing pastry basket rivaling the ones I have had in Italy!



12 PM – After soaking in the hot tub at the Mandarin’s spa – we hit the Bellagio for their annual Spring flower display. It is amazing and always smells like a million hyacinths. Every year they have a new theme, this year it was a Chinese tea garden! We hit the slots and won $50 before hitting the highway to come back home.


What do you like to do in Vegas?


xo, Christy
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